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New For Version 3.0

Many new features and enhancements were added for VeloLogger™ Version 3.0. The following features have been added:

  • New Graphical Calendar Display allows you to view 35 days at a time with your ride data displayed.
  • Expanded text for ride notes - enter up to 1275 characters!
  • You can now create your own Weather Types, Ride Types, and Difficulty Ratings!
  • You now have the ability to view mulitple reports at a time!
  • New conversion utilities allow you to convert mi to km, m to ft, ml to oz, and much more!
  • New Rider Statistics report - lifetime, yearly, and monthly - totals, averages, maximums, minimums!
  • New report to list all rides (with averages and totals) for a component or bike!
  • New layout for the ride editor!

Standard Features

  • Allows up to seven cyclists in a household to log rides
  • Colorful Graphic Reports - Pie Charts, Bar and Line Graphs for many of the reports!
  • Enter Time or Average Speed to calculate riding time and overall time
  • Can store Heart Rate, Calorie, and Water intake with each ride
  • Can store Weather data (Wind, Temp, Conditions) with each ride
  • Can enter notes along with each ride
  • Can turn off features that you do not want to use
  • Track time and distance on all of your bicycles and their components
  • Print out or view usage reports on your bikes and components
  • Maintenance History Log - ability to go back and view the time and distance on that last set of tires, chain, etc.
  • User Defined Components - Add your own custom components (on bikes, wheels, & forks) for maintenance tracking!
  • Print out or view Monthly and Yearly ride reports (total distance/time, avg speed)
  • Print out or view distance reports (how many centuries, half centuries, etc.)
  • Compare rides of the same course
  • A database backup and restore utility
  • A reminder to backup your database - reminds you every 3 days as you exit VeloLogger.

Personal Ride Data Stored

Ride Distance, Total Elevation Gain of the ride, Overall Time (Total Elapsed Time), Riding Time (Time On The Bike), Ride Difficulty Rating, Ride Type (Race, Tour, Training, Trail, etc.), Combine multiple same day rides as one single ride, Course information, Average, Max, and Min Heart Rates, Time Above, Time In, and Time Below Target Heart Rate Zone, Intake of Water, Calories, Carbos, Protein, and Fat, Total calories burned on ride, Information on how you felt during the ride, Bike, Wheels, Tires, and Cassette used on the ride, Temperature, Wind Speed, General Weather Conditions, and Ride Notes.

Maintenance Data Tracked

Bike Frame, Headset, Bottom Bracket, Chain, Tandem Timing Chain, Front and Rear Derailures, Front and Rear Shift Levers, Front and Rear Brakes, Front and Rear Brake Pads, Front and Rear Brake Cables, Tandem Third Brake Cable, Derailure Cables, Wheel Hub Bearings, Spokes, Cassettes, Forks, and Tires. Will also track components that you define on your bike, fork, and wheel.

Available Reports

Rides by Week, Month, or Year.  Maintenance (Bike, Fork, Wheels, Cassettes, Tires).  Course reports.  Year to date and Lifetime for Bike Totals, Monthly Totals, and Distance reports. Many reports can be either text or graphical with colorful pie charts, bar, and line graphs.   Reports from the maintnenance history log.   Rider statistics reports by month, year, or lifetime.

Operating System

VeloLogger™ will run on the any of the following Windows® Platforms:
95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP Home and XP Professional Edition, *Vista (all editions 32 & 64bit), and *Windows 7 (all editions 32 & 64bit)

*Note to Vista and Windows 7 users: The Windows Help feature was no longer included in the operating systems beginning with Windows Vista. Users must go to the Microsoft Support website and download the support file so that the help file can be run.   Developers (WatWare included) are prohibited from distributing this support file.

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