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Fix For VeloLogger™ Update for Version 3.0 Beta

This bug was NOT a problem on the full install of the Demo Version 3.0 Beta download.   It was only a problem if you ran the Update Version 3.0 Beta.

The VeloLogger™ Update for Version 3.0 Beta contained a bug that left the Ride Difficulty Table blank and created duplicate entries in the Weather Types table.

The Weather Type Edit dialog will not let you properly delete the duplicate entries.

If this is still a problem for you, you should download and run this fix.   Save the file FixVLBetaVersion3.exe in the directory where your VeloLogger™ program is located (probably the C:\Program Files\WatWare\VeloLogger directory).   Make a backup copy of the VeloLogger.mdb file, or run the VeloLogger Backup Utility.   Then run the FixVLBetaVersion3.exe program.   If you have already added Difficulty Ratings, then the fix will not modify that table, but will still attempt to fix the Weather Types Table.

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