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VeloLogger™ Product Updates and Downloads

VeloLogger™ Demo Version 3.01

This is the latest complete Demo Version of VeloLogger™ 3.01.   If you do not already have a version of VeloLogger™ installed, then you should download this free demo version.

If you already have a version of VeloLogger™ installed on your system, then do NOT download this version, but download the latest Update version listed under VeloLogger™ Update Version 3.01 below.

Download Demo Version 3.01

VeloLogger™ Update Version 3.01

VeloLogger™ Version 3.01 is most current update.   It contains a bug fix and an enhancement for Version 3.0.   There was a bug that causes a conversion problem when displaying milliliters, liters, and meters.   An enhancement was also made for when a user enters invalid data in a field of the ride editor.   User entered data is now checked immediately after the user has made a change to a field.   The software will display a message if data is incorrect for the field.

Version 3.0 introduced many new features and enhancements along with a completely re-designed user interface.

Download Update Version 3.01

VeloLogger™ Update Version 3.0

Many new features and enhancements were added along with a completely re-designed user interface in VeloLogger™ Version 3.0.

Download Update Version 3.0

VeloLogger™ Bug Fix For the Update Version 3.0 Beta

The VeloLogger™ Update for Version 3.0 beta contained a bug that left the Ride Difficulty Table blank and created duplicate entries in the Weather Types table.

This bug applies ONLY to the UPDATE for Version 3.0 BETA.   The demo version of 3.0 Beta was not affected by this bug.

Note that downloading the update to the current release Version 3.0 will NOT fix this bug!   You must download the following program for the fix.

Download Fix Version 3.0 Beta

VeloLogger™ Update Version 2.01

VeloLogger™ Version 2.01 is an update for version 2.0 and will also update version 1.0.   It contains a fix for a Windows® 95/98 file registration problem in version 2.0.   Many new features and enhancements were also added in Version 2.0.

Download Update Version 2.01

VeloLogger™ Fix for Version 2.0

This fix is for the VeloLogger™ Version 2.0 if your system gets the error message Cannot Find COM object CoDbExt.dll.

If you already have version 2.0 installed on your system, this download will update you to version 2.01 and is quicker than downloading the entire 2.01 update.   Note: your system will still display version 2.0.

Download Fix for Version 2.0

VeloLogger™ Update Version 1.02

The update version 1.02 contains a fix for the problem where occasional installations would mark the VeloLogger.mdb file as read-only and cause the Operation must use an updateable query error message. This update also includes the Synchronize Utility.  The Synchronize Utility is used for synchronizing the ride database with the bike/component data.

Download Update Version 1.02

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