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Important Note:

If you previously ran the Update for Version 3.0 beta - there was a bug that did not properly update the Ride Difficulty Table and created duplicates in the Weather Types table.   This bug was only a problem for the update and was NOT a problem for the Demo Version 3.0 Beta

If this is still a problem for you, then you should first download and run this fix prior to installing this update.

VeloLogger™ Update Version 3.01

VeloLogger™ Version 3.01 is the most current version, it includes a bug fix and enhancement for Version 3.0.   There was an issue with metric units being displayed incorrectly for elevation and for fluids.   There was also an issue if the user entered invalid data in a field.   Entries in the ride editor are now checked immediately and a message is displayed if the data is not correct for the field.

VeloLogger™ Version 3.0 included a complete re-design of the user interface from Version 2.01.   You should find this new interface will allow more flexibility in using the VeloLogger™ software.   The new interface takes advantage of the (MDI) Multiple Document Interface.   This simply means that more than one document may be open at the same time, allowing you to view and compare many reports all at the same time.   Many new features and enhancements were added in Version 3.0.   The following features were added:

  • View many reports simultaneously - Now you can view several reports at once!
  • A new calendar view - View daily, weekly, and monthly ride stats on the calendar. Also includes a temperature and wind graph for each riding day.
  • Calendar view can be personalized - View the data that you wish to see.
  • Expanded text for ride notes - Enter up to 1275 characters.
  • Several New Rider Reports - View lifetime, yearly, monthly totals, averages, maximums for a rider.
  • Define your own Ride Types, Difficulty Types, and General Weather Types.
  • New Component Report - View a complete list of rides for a component.
  • New Conversion Calculator - convert miles to kilometers, feet to meters, PSI to bar and much more.

Download Update Version     (Must have a previous version of VeloLogger™ already installed - if not see below). Warning: Do NOT uninstall ANY of your previous versions of VeloLogger™!!!

If you do not have a version of VeloLogger™ previously installed, then click here for the free demo version.

Instructions for installation:

  1. Make a backup copy your VeloLogger™ database file (VeloLogger.mdb) and save it somewhere safe.
  2. Download the update, then run the VelologgerUpdate3_01.exe file. It will extract the necessary setup files to your C:\Program Files\WatWare\Install directory.
  3. Next run the Setup.exe program located in the C:\Program Files\WatWare\Install directory.  When prompted for where to install, you MUST choose the same directory that you chose for your initial installation of the VeloLogger™ Software (most likely C:\Program Files\WatWare\VeloLogger). Setup will install the new updated program files overtop of your existing VeloLogger files.
  4. Run the VeloLogger™ program, it will find your original VeloLogger.mdb database and update it for use with version 3.0

Note: This file does not install the complete VeloLogger™ program, you must have a previous installation (Either the Full Purchased Version 1.0 or later or the Demo Version 1.0 or later).

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